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Thanks TPR20,
A year ago, I was involved with a pretty serious ankle injury. Resulting from a parachuting accident while training with the U.S. Army Special Forces. After Surgery, 6 months of Physiotherapy and a whole year of recovery I am back on my feet, but was still experiencing a good amount of pain! I was sick and tired of "popping" pills just to get through the day. I was introduced to this great product! I put it on my ankle just before a run or trip to the gym. During my workout, my ankle starts to warm up and you can really feel the TPR20 starting to work. TPR20 has deep tissue penetration and pain relieve, that lasts throughout my workouts and throughout the day. TPR20 has helped me regain my life back!

Scott Special Forces
Medical Sergeant EMT-Paramedic

TPR 20 is one of the main tools I use in my office as part of my arsenal for combating pain. I have been using TPR 20 on patients over the last few years and I have not found anything equal to it in helping relieve my patient’s pain quickly and effectively. TPR 20 is non-greasy, absorbs well and does not have a lingering odour. It is fast acting and penetrates deep into the effected tissue. TPR 20 doesn’t just help by relieving pain but helps the tissues heal faster. Most importantly it helps with many ailments the other creams can’t touch. It is the most versatile pain relieving cream on the market today.

Dr. Brad Young
Chiropractic Physician

I have used TPR-20 in my practice on clients with painful pinched nerves, arthritic inflamed joints, spasmed muscles and fasciitis. Each client who purchased TPR-20 has commented on how well this product works, everyone received relief quickly and they were amazed as to how effective TPR-20 was. I was suffering from planter fasciitis and tried every thing I could think of to relieve the pain. Within 5 days of using the product my symptoms were 50% better and in two weeks the pain was completely gone. I also burned my finger quite badly and a blister came up immediately. I applied TPR20 right away and in 5 minutes the pain was completely gone and the blister had healed in 30 minutes. Amazing! I think this is the best topical pain relief product on the market.

Daniel Heany
Registered Massage Therapist Toronto Ontario

In my practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathic Medicines, I have been using TPR 20 for several years. It has become my 'go-to' remedy for musculoskeletal injury management: aches and pains, inflammation. Chronic resistant conditions such as plantar fasciitis often benefit from repeated applications (3-6 times per day over several days) in conjunction with other physical therapies. I also recommend it as a preventative application before stress or strain activities such as flying (apply on neck and base of skull) athletic and DIY activities with great results. I find that TPR 20 is useful for helping to relieve deeper sourced pains such as abdominal and pelvic discomfort from digestive and menstrual symptoms.

Dr. Kim McKenzie
N.D., D.C.

I've been working shift work as a firefighter for 24 years, so my sleep schedule has been disrupted for half my life. As a result, I have a very hard time falling asleep. I awake many times during the night. In the morning and during the days I always feel tired. I've tried many different over the counter sleep aids, most of which either make me feel very groggy in the mornings, or do the opposite of what they are supposed to do, and keep me up all night. The first time I tried "Get Sleeping" I was amazed at the results. Not only did I fall asleep faster than I had in years and did not wake up until morning, but what I felt during my days was incredible. I had more energy and clarity to do my job and live my passions than I can remember before I started shift work when I was a kid. Life is so much better with real sleep!

Kyle Relke

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